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Download and install

You can download the bot installer on the website:

After installation the L2R Ebobotik is updated automatically (if a new version is detected at startup). Also, if at this moment more than 1 Ebobotik window is not running. If, at startup, it is found that there are still running instances of the Ebobotik , the Auto update will be skipped (but the update can be started manually by clicking on the “Update” button at the bottom of the Ebobotik interface).

Supported Android Emulators

Settings Android Emulator

Resolution 960×540 (dpi 160)
Root permission Enabled
ADB debugging (for LDPlayer) Open local connection

All the necessary settings of the emulator (except: enabling local connection to ADB in LDPlayer) Ebobotik will make automatically!

If you are using LDPlayer you need to enable: Local connection to ADB

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