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The sale of non-exclusive licenses to grant the right to use program the Ebobotik L2R is carried out through the official website. The website has several different ways buying and paying, which have their own characters.

For some payment methods you need to login on the website!
The license will not be automatically activated for the account under which you are logged in during payment, after purchase you can activate the license for absolutely any account.

PayOk (direct payment from the website)

Features: when paying you can choose the payment currency, this parameter has a very important characteristic: the choice of currency will depend on which bank will process the payment, and therefore some currencies may be listed in the selection list more than once. Supports cryptocurrency payment.

Tip: if payment with one currency does not go through you may try to choose another method.

Getting a license: after successful payment the license key will be sent to your Email within 10 minutes.


Features: it has many different payment methods their list and features are described on the site itself.

Tip: through this payment method the commission may be higher than usual.

Getting a license: after successful payment the message from Plati.Market will be sent to your Email containing the license key.

IT Pay

This method has not yet been added to the website.

Features: the bank that will make the payment is selected automatically. Supports cryptocurrency payment.

Tip: support for cards issued in any country except: Afghanistan, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Myanmar (Burma), North Korea, Pakistan, Sudan, Syria, Lebanon, Romania, USA, Canada, Cambodia, Israel, India, Turkey, Nigeria.

Getting a license: after successful payment activation is performed manually through support.

If you have any problems, please contact support. Contacts listed on website.

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