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Ebobotik L2R

Bot for mobile MMORPG Lineage 2 Revolution

Ebobotik will go through all the game content that you entrust to him in the settings, during his work, Ebobotik monitors the character's departures from the game, the game freezes and the android emulator as well. If necessary, Ebobotik will re-enter the game or restart the Android emulator. The interaction of the bot with the android emulator takes place through the official software interface of the emulator, access to which is provided by the developer of the Android emulator.

The license for the right to launch and use the Bobotik L2R software is tied to a specific computer, without restrictions on the number of simultaneously running instances of the program.

Functions and features

  • Farm in an Elite Dungeon
  • Farm in the Field
  • Farm in the World Dungeon
  • Daily Dungeon
  • Tower of Insolence
  • Extraction Pit (ability to use Peace Pen, Collection Acceleration Potions and Experience Enhancement Potions)
  • Temple Guardian
  • Adena Dungeon
  • Dungeon Experience
  • Summoning Circle
  • World Boss (Wolsen)
  • Quest Scrolls
  • Clan donate
  • Collecting rewards
  • Receiving mail
  • Auto sale of things
  • AutoBaff Magnadina
  • Support for conquest quests
  • War Mode (the bot will take into account the presence of an active war)
  • Crab mode (when an enemy appears in the vicinity, the bot will run away from him)
  • Auto-passage of game events (if the event is in the form of a mini-game)
  • Notifications in Telegram

Suitable for playing Lineage 2 Revolution, in the following regions (according to Netmarble qualification): Europe, Russia, USA, Southeast Asia. To check full functionality, the first 7 days (from the moment of activation of your Ebobotik ID account), a free license with full functionality is provided.


Download Ebobotik L2R

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